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  • Self-contained activities children can do by themselves.

  • Fun and engaging science experiments and craft activities.

  • Aligns with the learning objectives of the NZ Curriculum.

  • Resources extend beyond the curriculum exploring topics of STEAM (science, technology, engineering, arts and maths).

  • Perfect for supporting home learning during the Covid Pandemic.

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Free Water Unit

Water Unit contains:

  • 3 Books
  • 5 Print out Activities
  • 5 STEAM Activities
  • Plus a bonus game!
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Free Books

All About Water

Water Conservation



  • What is water made of?
  • States of Water
  • Water on Planets
  • Water & Plants
  • Why do we need water?
  • Where does our water come from?
  • How do fish breathe in water?


  • Water Pollution
  • Preventing rubbish pollution
  • Preventing toxic pollution
  • Water wastage
  • Ways to save water


  • What is a Mudfish?
  • Species of Mudfish
  • Meet the Northland Mudfish
  • Meet the Black Mudfish
  • Meet the Brown Mudfish
  • Meet the Chatham Island Mudfish
  • Meet the Canterbury Mudfish
  • Threats to Mudfish
  • Ways people can help Mudfish

Free STEAM Activities


Create a report for NZSA investigating water on Mars.


Make a saltwater distiller to survive out at sea.


Role-play a mud fish and create a letter to help make a difference.

Kite Maker

Create your own koinobori/koi carp kite.


Create an art piece reflecting on the issue of water conservation.

Free Printout Activities

Renewable Energy STEAM Pack

River STEAM Activity Pack

Renewable Energy STEAM Pack

Plant STEAM Activity Pack

River STEAM Activity Pack​

Water STEAM Activity Pack

Plant STEAM Activity Pack

Water STEAM Activity Pack

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